Press Accessories 

Accessory Functions Average Footprint Integrates With Video Link 
Three Tie Destacker Efficiently separates stacks of 3-tie bales for easy & efficient flow into the press 18′ x 32′ (5 m x 9 m) FC8322, FC9000 & FC10000 3-tie Bale Destacker
Big Bale Destacker  Efficiently separates stacks of 3’x4′ or 4’x4′ big square bales to feed into the Slicing System 9′ x 19′ (3 m x 5 m) FC7700, FC10000 Big Bale Destacker
Big Bale Slicing System Slices large square bales into slabs to continuously feed the compression chamber 25′ x 30′ (7 m x 9 m) FC8222, FC8322 & FC10000 Bale Slicing System
Big Bale Grid Slicing System Grid slices large square bales to create a loose forage stream  26′ x 21′ (8 m x 6 m) FC6700, FC7700 & Chaff Press Grid Slicing System
MAG Bale Attachment Achieve a 450 kg exportable bale with the FC10000 and FC8322 press 37′ x 37′ (11 m x 11 m) FC8322 & FC10000 MAG Bale System
Automatic Twine Puller  Automatically removes twines from input bales before entering Slicing or Grid Slicing Devices Fits to press input system FC7700, FC8322, FC10000 Auto-Twine Puller

Actual machine performance may vary due to, but not limited to: Operator error, Operator input & output delays, bale output format & appearance, as well as forage type, quality, consistency, density, compressibility, moisture content & fibre length. Dimensions are measured in inches and are width x height x length.