West Coast Expos!

FEBRUARY 11 / Hunterwood

Out and About to Start 2022!


It's an exciting year for Hunterwood Technologies as we as a company are pushing ourselves to broaden our scope and increase brand awareness across the globe. Part of our strategy is to multiply our in-person interactions and meet as many new people and industry leaders as possible at various conferences and expoitions. Our sales and marketing team are planning on exibiting in at least 7 conferences in 2022, 3 of which are in the first three months of the year!


January 19-20 this year we attended the Northwest Hay Expo in Kennewick Washington, where our intrepid VP of Business Development, Cameron Heinz, met with many of the area's larger growers and processors. No one knows better about crop outlook and market future in the Northwest USA than those that live, grow and work there, and sometimes, when we are very lucky, they want us to help them! Because we know that knowledge is a type of power, but the power you rely on to move and process your bales, well that's electrical and hydraulic, and that's Hunterwood's territory!


This year's Northwest Hay Expo had a lot to get excited about, including presentations on international market trends from William A. Matthews and Daniel A. Sumner of University of California Davis, and keynote speaker Scot Courtright of Courtright Processing. Keep your eye open for a follow up post on what was discussed!


Following up a great time in Washington, only 2 weeks later does Hunterwood find themselves represented at one of the world's largest, if not THE largest, agricultural exposition, the World Ag Expo in Tulare California. With over 1200 exibitors (including yours truly) and 100,000+ attendees, it is easy to see why!