Keeping Parts On Hand

OCTOBER 12 / Hunterwood

A blade in the box is worth two on the truck!


We all have a few spare parts hanging around. Some o-rings of varying sizes in that drawer, a few bolts with some mis-matched nuts and washers over here in this bucket, and a valve or two that came off an older machine that you can't bring yourself to throw away bacause they may still have some miles left on them.


But honestly, is any of that really useful? Sure, you may have a correctly sized o-ring for one issue, but not all issues. There aren't enough bolts in that bucket, you're going to need to go to the store anyway to do any sort of project of any magnitude. And you know you will never use those valves, no matter how often you say you will.


We know why we do this too. It's to keep some semblance of control, to feel slightly proactive. It's an amazing feeling being able to immediately jump into action, pull the exact part needed, and have it replaced lickity-split when your equipment goes down. There's no revenue being generated when the machines aren't running! And what a great story. Except, that story doesn't get told enough. Far too often the part you need isn't there. Somebody wasn't paying attention to inventory levels, or the part was used last month but no one recorded taking it, or it's just too much hassle for someone to focus on pre-ordering everything we need before we know we need it.


It happens too much to our partners and friends in the industry. A press, or a piece of bale handling equipment breaks down and they are stuck waiting on a shipment for the proper component to arrive. Twiddling their thumbs, sweeping the same shop floor for the 50th time in a row, waiting for the piece to fix the machine and save the day. Sometimes it's there in hours, sometimes it's days, but the whole time you are waiting , money is flying out the door.


Hunterwood Technologies knows the pain all too well. We've been there. Reliant on another company's response time to help your customers. It's not an enviable situation to find yourself in. Which is why we have decided to bring a little more value into the forage compression industry. Hunterwood is now offering  bundled Parts Packages to our clients. There are four tiers of packages, depending on the client's level of need, and the parts will be kitted up and sent to you upon order, ensuring you will have the basic supplies you need on-site when you need them.


The parts package program also includes top-up follow-ups, and automatic re-ordering if required. It is just one of the brilliant new ways Hunterwood  is helping their customers reduce downtime and increase efficiency. Don't hesitate to call your sales rep today to set yourself and your company up for continued success.