Spring Forward and Complete Those Presses

MARCH 14 / Hunterwood

Spring Forward and Complete Those Presses!


It has been an interesting start to 2023 for Hunterwood Technologies. Our team has entered the new year with renewed vigor, and has managed to push past the last few years of supply issues, long lead times, covid surges, and work-from-home orders, to get back to what we are good at; building industrial agricultural equipment. In February we put the finishing touches on an FC-10000 that is going to be installed in the USA. We also completed another FC-10000 install in Sudan!


Andrew, Adam, Ryan and Kyle post-install in Sudan.



In more recent news, March has been the month of loose-fed presses for Hunterwood. We have wrapped up final assemblies on two different loose-fed presses! The HBT-6050 is one of our BIG Bale loose-fed presses, destined for the eastern USA, and the HST-12750, a small bale loose-fed press with MAG Baler attachment, is heading down under to Australia!


Hunterwood Team Photo in front of our newest HBT-6050. Affectionately known as the Chaff Press, this unit will be capable of producing 315kg Alfalfa or 280kg Straw BIG Bales at a density almost twice that as your regular field baler. Operating between 4-6 Metric Tonnes per Hour, the HBT-6050 is great as a "starter press" for companies with a lower production requirement, or a "cleanup press" for those looking to recapture revenue from loose chaff.


Hunterwood Team Photo in front of our newest HST-12750. This machine is a BEAST! Capable of processing loose forage at over 22 Metric Tonnes per Hour in small bales or MAG bales, a number that rivals our powerhouse FC-10000, the HST-12750 gives our clients options with their end product. Two 12" main compression cylinders putting out 513 tons of force (5031 kN) enable this machine to make a super high-density120kg log every 18 seconds.


And it doesn't end there for loose-feed at Hunterwood, because already underway this month is a loose-fed Rabbit Pet Food Press. The newly re-designed Rabbit offers clients the ability to run two different sized bagging chambers at one time, with shim package options to change the chambers out, plus the intake system works for both pure forage or to create forage blends, whatever your retail needs. 


One of two bagging chambers on the Rabbit Pet Food Press.



Our product development team is hard at work yet again. We have two "bale-breaker" projects undergoing design and testing right now. These "loose hay makers" are designed to be added to any of our loose-fed press series', or can be used as stand alone equipment to make smaller material sized product for feeding. The Mini-Grid Slicer (as seen in a previous blog post) is under another round of development and testing so we can determine market feasibility. And an even newer item, the Bale Teaser, has been designed and the first unit build is underway! The bale teaser will be capable of rendering one or two bales down into smaller material sizes, while blending (if two different baled products are used), by using a set of rotating steel barrels studded with sharp sickles. Although the current design is sized for 2-tie or 3-tie bales, it can be scaled up to work on 3x4 field bales.


A recent sample of 2"x2" grid sliced straw.


And if all that isn't enough loose product for you, then you'll like hearing that we have some new designs for the HB and HS series press cores going through various review stages with our product development team. Although we are still early in the process, there is a lot of confidence that the designs will pass our scrupulous inspection and testing process, and that we will be able to release these new products to the market later in 2023! So keep your eyes and ears open and check out the Hunterwood Blog or Compressor Newsletter whenever you get a chance! 



It's a big year for development at Hunterwood, so make sure to check the blog posts and stay up to date with our Compressor Newsletter to see what we have in store for the rest of 2023!


If you would like more information on Hunterwood products, contact our sales team - sales@hunterwood.com