New Year New Solutions!

JANUARY 12 / Hunterwood

Plenty of New Territory on the Horizon for Hunterwood in 2022 


Hunterwood plans to hit the ground running in 2022, taking aim at some lofty corporate goals. Our "New Years Resolutions" this January 1st include exploring new industries and developing new product solutions for existing and future clients. We do forage presses incredibly well, and are continuously inovating our designs, and developing new compression techniques and equipment. We also offer solutions for automation and material handling; experience we garnered from decades in the forage retail and export industry.

Twine puller

Hunterwood's ability to adapt and engineer solutions for all types of situations has opened the door of opportunity for our venture into many new markets. Like the feedlot and dairy industries, where Hunterwood has already made headway, developing automated feed process systems for several clients, due to be built and installed in the first half of the year.


One such product includes a dual-intake, variable speed conveyor system, and dual twine pullers, feeding into a forage grinder. The processing equipment allows our clients to load intakes with two varieties of forage and set separate intake speeds, creating their desired feed mix ratios. Coupled with the twine pullers, the process uses minimal to no manual labour, and requires only a machine operator to load the conveyors! That's less employee cost and a much more efficient process, ideal for medium to large feedlot and dairy operations.

Pinal Dual Feed

Our new feedlot solutions can be found on this page.