Fuel From Flax

MAY 5 / Hunterwood

Finding a use for waste forage product.


Prairie Clean Energy, a green start-up from Saskatchewan, is developing new processes in which to procure, ship and utilize flax straw waste as a potential source for bio-fuel. This is great news for flax producers, us at Hunterwood, and the world as a whole. 


As we increasingly look towards green energy alternatives to fuel our lives, it is important to remember that we do not have to go searching into the wilderness, so to speak, and discover a never before seen energy source, to be able to satisfy our needs. Often times, the best way to maintain our green complexions is to more completely utilize that which we are already doing. Much like new eco-friendly vehicles are recapturing engine and brake heat to power other systems, other industries must find ways to re-utilize their wasted potential.


Nearly the whole biomass industry is centered on this premise. Biomass is quite literally the unused remainder product from the agricultural industry. Even if it is non-edible, or can't be utilized to build or regrow, agricultural waste product is most often still useful! We are able to turn it into a fuel! Products like biogas and biodeisel can be used to fuel cars, semi-trucks, ships, and even planes and jets. Due to procurement methods, and cleaner burning, biomass is often seen as a net-zero fuel and a much better alternative to fossil fuels.


Hunterwood is doing what we can to assist the biomass industry where our expertise allows. We have assisted Prairie Clean Energy in engineering and testing solutions for biomass bale compression. We have developed equipment for more efficient biomass bale handling. And we are working on more complete solutions for the biomass industry. Hunterwood is proud to do what we can for the Earth, and will continue to pursue industry initiatives that further advance biomass presence as a fuel alternative.


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