Conversion Im"PRESS"ions

NOVEMBER 17 / Hunterwood

Crowd Wowed at Recent Hunterwood Bale Conversion Event!


Last week Hunterwood Technologies was fortunate enough to demonstrate the CVS-100 domestic conversion press in front of a crowd of industry professionals from all over the eastern states. With 14 attendees representing a variety of different producers and distributors, the host, Covenant Hay, put on a show of efficiency and consistency. The CVS-100 takes large field bales at 3'x3' or 3'x4' and converts them to smaller bales at 12"x22"x36" (only 135lbs), with an option to cut down to 67.5lbs or 45lbs! With an average top speed rating of 10MT/h, the boys at the demo had the press humming and pumping out the bales!


The day began with some straw compression and ended with some great hay from Strieter Farms in Michigan!


Paul Murray of Covenant Hay speaking on the benefits of the conversion press. His company sells mainly to retailers supplying the equine and hobby farm markets. The 45lb bales coming out of the CVS-100 are conveyed to Paul's wrapping plant, making them the ideal for the store shelf. The perfect weight and sealed tight!
The slicer box, cutting those big bales down, but keeping the natural field flake.
Field Service Manager Adrian Coates monitoring the charge plate in operation.
The calm before the storm.
Post demonstration Q & A with Paul Murray. Photo taken shortly before the ResQ BBQ van pulled into the lot. there were definitely a few hungry stomachs by then!
Nevada mease of Meadow Brook Farms in Pennsylvania, flying in to Covenant Hay on demo day. Watch out for the soy beans Nevada!
The amazing team at Covenant Hay responsible for an outstanding day. Thank you gentlemen for beign such generous hosts!
We look forward to hosting more events in the future with other clients and partners. It is always a joy to get to know everyone and their business just a little bit better, it gives us amazing perspective, and confidence in developing solutions that work.