Clean Up Your Act

OCTOBER 12 / Hunterwood

Waste Not Want Not


 There is always excess product coming off bales and loose forage at various stages of your processing operations, it is just bound to happen. The real question is what do you do with all the extra chaff and fines that collect under your forage press and around your facility? Is it waste material shipped off for free or to a landfill? Or is it reused?


All that excess material laying around isn't just waste, it is revenue. There may not be a lot of chaff coming off each bale, but over the course of a few hours, or a day, or a week, it can add up to tons! With the proper solution(s), this could be money back on the books instead of lost revenue.


Hunterwood Technologies has developed multiple fines and chaff collection systems to help our clients keep their material generating revenue instead of taking up space in the waste bin. Custom solutions are available for all our forage press models.



The Hunterwood Fines Collection System is designed to snake around the underside of your forage press, below the heaviest material loss areas, where an overhead drive paddle conveyor clears the fines tray to deposit elsewhere. The material can be deposited back into the press intake system, or to a secondary press (like our HB-6050 Chaff Press), or other processing unit.



Fines conveyor systems.


See the Fines Conveyor in action - Video Link

Fines return into compress - Video Link



If your press isn't situated quite right for a fines conveyor, or chaff build-up is occurring elsewhere in the facility, your press may benefit from a Sweep-in Conveyor System.


Sweep-in Conveyor


The sweep-in system is very straight forward. Loose hay is swept up the short ramp and onto a belt conveyor. From there it is a short trip up and back into the press intake. Alternatively, it can be added as the main intake on an HB-6050 Chaff Press. With either scenario an open-top hopper can also be included for further in-feed flexibility (see below image).


Sweep-in Conveyor with Hopper


Sweep-in System on a Fines Conveyor - Video Link


If you would like more information on how Hunterwood can help you keep your revenue in your bales, contact our sales team -